Tennis History

       Although the history of tennis is often sunk into darkness, nearly all historians agree when tennis was the first game called Le Jeu du Paume. This "palm game" played in France in the 13th century was only under the monopoly of the aristocrats.
       Rackets were added to this game, which was played by hitting the ball with a hand on a special indoor court, before long. By the seventeenth century it had become the indispensable game of the nobility in Paris, Le Jeu du Paume, and even descended to the public. But when he brought gambling with him, it was forbidden to play in front of the public and once again developed behind the closed doors of the palace. The game, known as court tennis, was played on a special court like its ancestor, Le Jeu du Paume, and had incredibly complex rules. British nobility, who had close ties with the French Palace, soon fell under the spell of this game. Starting from the thirteenth century, the French, who were regarded as the pioneers of elegance and fashion, this time blindly followed the British Palace. II. Edvard had a court built inside the Windsor Palace in the 14th century. It is known that France Krah sent tennis balls to Henry V in 1414. Even the famous poet, Shakespeare, describes this historical gift in his play "Henry V."
           Like the aristocracy, Le Jeu du Paume was abolished after the French Revolution, but it survived in England with the help of "paume" experts from France. There were also two other games played with racket and ball in England during this period: "Badmington" and "Rackets", the ancestor of squash. During the same period, "Croquet" and "Cricket" games like baseball were also very popular.
          Major Wingfield, who returned to his country from China in 1860, was in a hurry to make money without working hard, and a new page was opened in the history of tennis. VVingfield, who combined the rules he took from all the English games from his game called "Sphairistike", which means the game in Greek, managed to get the patent of this game in 1874. VVingfield, who took the lush manicured courts from Croquet and cricket bringing elegance to the game, the scoring system from the racket, the long-handled rackets and the net from badmington and court tennis, chose the middle ground for the ball: it was neither as light as the badmington ball and as volatile nor as hard as the racket balls. ball of the new game. After receiving the patent, Major VVingfield rolled up his sleeves to promote his game, popularize it and market the gadget of the "Sphairistike" game. However, sports fans who immediately discovered its similarity with other games, instead of paying a handful of money for these expensive materials, they started to create games that they could play with net-racket-ball and set their own rules. As a result, many genres of the game "Sphairistike" emerged. Tennis became more and more popular when tennis began to outshine England's traditional sport, cricket. Tennis players realized that the cricket fields were ideal grass courts for tennis, and they were also beginning to imitate the white clothes of the cricketers. This inevitable rise of the new game has set the conservatives in motion. First they fought to stop the popularity of tennis, but then they decided to adopt it with its changed rules, even to reserve a court for tennis at their club. VVingfield's hourglass-shaped court form, which is not at all practical, has been changed to a rectangle, and the score system has also been changed.
         Ali England Croquet Club organized its first "Wimbledon" in 1877; Since that day, it is considered the most prestigious competition in the world. Le Jeu du Paume ceases to be a game after that day and turns into one of the most popular and prestigious sports in the world.